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We ran on a campaign of creating economic activity and building opportunities for small businesses,” Sen. Moylan said. “From lowering the cost of goods, to finding ways for our government to generate new revenue, to addressing spending cuts and protecting special funds, our office continues to look outside the box. We are excited about the foundation we are setting and look forward to continuing the work of the people. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve as your Senator in the 35th Guam Legislature.”

Highlights from our first 100 days:

Constituent Engagement
  • Speaking and panel opportunities at Inspire Guam, Toastmasters, UOG Charter Day, Special Olympics, and more
  • 75+ meet and greets with constituents
  • Certificate presentation to a local organization, Bolinao Bani
Reducing the Cost of Goods
  • Bill 9-35 An act to reduce the Business Privilege Tax back to 4% to help ease the cost of goods.
  • Bill 71-35 Lessens the weights and measures that are placed for heavy vehicles, addresses landing costs, and allows wholesalers, contractors, fuel importers, for example, to increase their imports, thus passing on savings to the retailer, who in return, can pass such savings to you, at the cash registers.
Generating New Ideas for Revenue
  • Bill 46-35 Provides the Department of Revenue and Taxation to retain a certain portion of the collections from Bed and Breakfast facilities, to better enforce this industry. This would allow millions more in new revenue to be generated.
  • Bill 29-35, signed into Public law 4-35 on April 3, 2019, allows the Mayors Council of Guam to create rules and regulations to include Games of Chance at the Liberation Day carnival.
Protecting Funds and Improving Government Services
  • Bill 31-35 Would create a One-Stop Business License Center so that we can establish a business-friendly approach when it comes to securing a business license.
  • Bill 11-35 Mandates each government entity to establish a Customer Service Policy.
  • Bill 58-35 Authorizes the Department of Parks and Recreation to enter into a public-private partnership with business entities to maintain our public parks.
  • Bill 19-35 would make it a misdemeanor for unlawful transfers from the Highway Fund into the General Fund.
Addressing Healthcare Needs
  • Bill 17-35 Increases the assessment fees for licensed gaming devices to increase the funding for GMH.
  • Resolution 98-35 Seeks the support of Congressman San Nicolas to address a number of healthcare issues at the federal level, such as the costs of prescription drugs, cancer medication and other areas that address the health of our community.
Public Safety
  • Bills 96, 97, 98 and 99-35 Introduces measures to stiffen penalties associated with certain crimes.
  • Bill 100-35 Ensures long term sustainability of the Division of Municipal Police and establishes and authorizes tax credits to create and maintain village police kobans.

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