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Press Releases for Senator James “Jim” Moylan

In my time serving as a senator for Guam, I have approached every day in office as a short-lived opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my constituents. I work to improve the economy, job creation, and safety of the island’s residents. I strive to be the best public servant possible by offering my attention and efforts to the people I represent and staying transparent about the work I do. My professional involvement in policies and legislation, as well as contributions to the community and individuals, has been recorded by the press. On this page is a collection of press releases covering my activities as your senator. You are welcome to take a moment and peruse the highlighted accomplishments of my professional work with the communities throughout the island. If you have any concerns or ideas to improve life for the people in Guam, please contact my office to schedule a meeting. I’m happy to listen and discuss your issues and ambitions regarding our island.

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