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Senator Moylan says Enough is Enough!!

With the number of cries from the community in regards to the rising cases associated with criminal sexual conduct and armed robberies, Senator James C. Moylan introduced several measured this morning to stiffen penalties associated with such criminal activity, and to begin the process of addressing these problems.

Bill 96-35 would increase the minimum sentencing of those convicted of first, second or third-degree criminal sexual conduct from 15 years to 25, and establishes that anyone convicted of a fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct would serve a minimum of 15 years. The current law establishes that the first-time offender may be convicted as a misdemeanor.

Bill 97-35 would increase the minimum and maximum sentences of those convicted of first, second or third-degree robbery. For those convicted of a robbery, the minimum sentencing would be 20 years (1st degree), 15 years (2nd degree), and 10 years (3rd degree). The current law does not establish a minimum or maximum penalty for third-degree robbery convictions, and with potential plea agreements, convicted offenders may see the outside of a prison in a few years. The legislation also moves the possession of a deadly weapon during the robbery from a 2nd degree to a 1st-degree charge.

Bill 98-35 would establish that those convicted of crimes against tourists, that their minimum sentencing be equivalent to the maximum sentence established by law for that conviction. With tourism being an economic engine for our island, any crime against visitors is essentially a crime against the community, hence a stringent policy must be established.

bill 99-35 shall mandate that any sex offender who is being released on probation or parole shall be required to wear an electronic monitoring device. The current law makes this an option, and the legislation would also require that the convicted felon pays for these devices.

“This government needs to send a strong message, in that Enough is Enough, and thus the reason we have begun the process of introducing measures to stiffen penalties associated with certain crimes”, stated Senator Moylan. “There are more measures coming forth in the coming days to continue this message, because if anything, we owe at least this much to the victims of such heinous crimes”, he added.

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