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About Senator James “Jim” Moylan of Guam

As a senator for Guam, I emphasize collaboration with my constituents as well as my colleagues and the staff in my office. We work as a team and show each other respect, coming into work every day knowing there is a lot we need to accomplish. Any achievements we make while in the office are a shared celebration because we do it together. I stress the value of listening and good communication with my office staff, which includes Trina, Savana, and Mel. The open channels of communication help us work well together as a productive team. When business is completed, I’m happy to laugh and converse with my friends and colleagues – even those with whom I may oppose professionally. I’m proud to serve the public with honesty and transparency. I don’t make false promises or give residents anything short of the truth. It’s your right as a resident and citizen to know what’s happening in the governing offices and how it affects your life. I have an open-door policy to ensure your concerns are addressed.

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Senator Moylan’s Credentials & Professional Experience

I’m passionate about my constituents’ concerns regarding issues like safety, job opportunities, and economic progress. As a senator, my professional responsibilities include safeguarding and improving the opportunities and welfare of the people I represent in Guam. Our island deserves elected officials with a commitment to honesty and relentless defense against policies and practices that are unfair to the communities. Compassion for people on the island and refusal to beat around the bush on policies and legislation comes from years of educational and professional experience.

Educational and Professional Experience Includes

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Guam
  • Commissioned officer in the United States Army
  • Parole Officer at Guam Department of Corrections
  • Managed the life and health departments at Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters
  • Small business owner of an insurance and healthcare general agency
  • Managed government accounts at NetCare Life & Health Insurance Company

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