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Freshman Senator James Moylan declares a War on Drugs for the island of Guam.

Senator Moylan introduced Rules Resolution 16-35, which creates a stringent and zero-tolerance drug policy for the 35th Guam Legislature, which is one government instrumentality that does not require the submittal of a drug test as a requirement of employment.

“We have to first recognize that we have a drug epidemic on island, and furthermore, we need to establish a firm commitment that only as a community can we win this war,” said Senator Moylan. “In the coming days and weeks, I will be introducing a comprehensive series of bills aimed at tackling the drug problem from various approaches. For the sake of our island’s future, this is a war we must win together,” added the Senator.

Senator Moylan furthered his efforts on his War on Drugs by introducing Bill 26-35, which would mandate all elected and appointed officials, including members of government boards and commissions undertake a mandatory drug test as well. Both Resolution 16-35 and Bill 26-35 remove elected and appointed officials from the “Safe Harbor” protective provisions, and are also a zero-tolerance mandate, making these efforts among the strictest drug policies within the government of Guam.

“If we are committed to passing laws to combat the drug epidemic on the island, then the zero-tolerance policy must start here. We have to set the bar high on tackling the drug problem, and we are far from done,” said Senator Moylan.

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