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Freshman Senator James Moylan introduced three companion bills: Bill 17-35, Bill 18-35, and Bill 19-35. These companion bills focus on the efforts of increasing revenues to benefit some critical areas of our government.

Bill 17-35 increases the gaming fees from 4% to 10% in October 2019, 12% in October 2020, and 14% in October 2021. Furthermore, the legislation mandates centralized monitoring systems on devices, which would not only provide actual fees due – possibly even increasing the amounts – but also assisting the Department of Revenue and Tax in their collection efforts.

The legislation would also increase the amount that the Guam Memorial Hospital receives from the gaming fees to assist in fulfilling some of their critical needs.

Bill 17-35 would allocate some monies to the Territorial Highway Fund to assist in road repairs, allocate some monies to the Guam Office of Veterans Affairs to fund valuable needs for our veterans, and allocate monies to the Department of Public Health and Social Services to fund a Transitional Services for the Homeless Program.

Bill 18-35 establishes the Transitional Services for the Homeless as a “One-Stop Service Center” at the Department of Public Health and Social Services. And Bill 19-35 assures that Territorial Highway Funds are not transferred to the General Fund, thus making it a violation.

“For years it has been clear that our hospital needs more revenue, and while this legislation does not fully provide the hospital with the $30 million they need, this legislation allows them to receive millions more that will help supplement many needs such as equipment,” said Senator Moylan.

“The legislation will also provide additional monies for road repairs, which would be slightly reduced should Bill 10-35 pass. Because I am committed to reducing any regressive taxes that were recently increased, my belief is that ratepayers should not be paying more at the pumps,” Senator Moylan added.

Senator Moylan also seeks to help Guam Veterans. He believes our veterans have been put aside from attaining needed services. The Guam Office of Veterans Affairs needs the monies to address basic needs, and by funding the transitional services for the homeless, Senator Moylan is committed to helping some of our most unfortunate acclimate back into the community.

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