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Bill 11-35 mandates that each agency and government instrumentality create a Customer Service policy catered to their entity and how they accomplish their mission. A policy that must not only be displayed, but also practiced.

Throughout the campaign (and even prior) the common concerns related to customer service were reiterated. Whether it was associated with long lines, getting return calls, or even dealing with efficiency or decorum, the issues were plentiful. Thus the prompting of this legislation, and specifically to introduce it on the first day the new government was swearing in to set a tone.

This is just one step in improving public services, but we also have to provide the many hard-working employees of the government of Guam with the necessary resources to be able to accomplish their objectives. I look forward to working with my colleagues on these endeavors. Read the entire bill introduced here.

If you Expect More in terms of an improvement in customer service within the public sector, then I hope you will join me in supporting Bill 11-35. Thank you and Biba Guam !!

Contact the Office of Senator James “Jim” Moylan